Good Parenting

I've written a book it's called "Good Parenting: How to raise a happy well balanced child" Call me if you would like to reserve your copy. By the way, which picture do you think I should use for the cover?

I really love the fact that it's 4:00 in the afternoon and he's still in his pajamas. It's important to let children make their own decisions and really govern themselves.

He's so well balanced he doesn't even need to sit up to drink.

And how's that for balance! He is such a multi tasker, all while watching sponge bob. What a fine example of balance and happiness.

Gross post!

If you have a weak stomach don't look at the pictures on this post! Now I made you want to look anyway huh? Thursday night we made a little trip to the ER. We have our own room there with a plaque on the door that states, "This room was donated by the Lange boys" Ok, so maybe there's no plaque but we sure have spent our fair share of money there! We actually got the only room we haven't ever been in. So now we can proudly say that we have graced every single room in the Logan Regional ER! We have had an array of injuries: broken arms, broken shoulder, cut off fingertips, cut eyelid, ferret bite to the lip, broken nose (Alec really did look like Beast from Beauty and Beast), lots and lots of staples in the head, appendix, sliced fingers, poisen in the eyes and the list keeps going. Now please put the phone down and don't call child protective services...these are just boys being boys! If any of you have more than one boy you know that what one won't think of the the other one will.
It has been a while since we donned the emergency room and after receiving a couple of calls from the ER doctors telling us that they would like a new car, we decided, well rather Dawson decided he should fall off a chair and split his head open. We really needed to support the economy and give our fair share of money to the "doctor needs a new Mercedes fund". So Dawson is just giving his service by donating to the greater good of mankind. Awe, what a kid.
Here is his prize after the hospital.
A heavy duty gun to shoot his brothers with...I see emergency room in our future....


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I hate to brag..................................But I will!

If any of you know my oldest two kids very well you know that they are complete opposites.

Alec-loves getting up early
Aaron-wants to sleep all day
Alec-loves sports of all kinds
Aaron-only likes sports if it involves a snowboard
Alec-loves to got to school and loves to learn
Aaron-gets nauseous when someone uses the word learn
Alec-is shy and is afraid to call someone on the phone
Aaron-talks to anyone and can't stop using his phone

Let's just say the two of them are very different, but despite that, they get along pretty well. So this year is Aaron's 9th grade year, the year that counts on his transcript. So needless to say we have up our efforts to get Aaron to care about school. Aaron will say things like, "mom, wouldn't you rather have an average son?" "C's are great", "grades are over-rated" We have gone the round with him! So after Christmas break we really laid down the law and told him he better start doing better or else!

Meanwhile, Alec, who loves learning, was posting a 4.0 and breezing through school with no help from us. It drives Aaron crazy that Alec does extra credit just to get a 127% in a class. The final straw came when Alec was chosen as Student of the month for February. Aaron just rolled his eyes and punched Alec in the arm as he walked by. (Bret tells me this is a boys way of showing love) I left Alec's certificate out on the counter so we could admire it for a while.

Anyway Aaron really has been trying and putting forth more effort. Not a 4.0 but he really is trying. So yesterday in the mail we get a letter from Aaron's school, addressed to the parents of Aaron Lange. Aaron had a pale face as he tried to hide the letter. Finally he ripped it open and just stared at it. He had been chosen as student of the month for his school. That's right, student of the month! We all about died! We all took turns looking at the certificate and shaking our heads, including him. The teacher was really impressed with how much he had improved. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime...Aaron and Alec finally have something in common! Student of the month! Ok, I'm done bragging.