Alec turns 12!!

I cannot believe my sweet little, perfect, innocent, angelic, favorite, great student, obedient child turned twelve. (just kidding Aaron, cause I know you're reading this) But he is a pretty darn good kid. Alec had his birthday on tax day and he received the priesthood that following Sunday. Here is a little poster I hung up around his school. I always need to embarrass them in some way!

Here is Alec opening his Wii. Who do you think is more excited?? This is really Aarons face when he saw what was inside. Never mind that this photo is blurry either, it's just the first shot I took with my new lens. yeah, I'm so glad I had to sell one of my children to buy this thing and this is the picture it took? I finally figured out all the settings and it was worth the money. Aaron still doesn't know he's the one I sold to buy it. They're coming to get him next week......kidding

This is the family playing the wii later that night. I have more but I just couldn't bare to post them because my house was so messy I didn't want the world see how we really live :)


Easter fun

We had a great Easter weekend and it totally helped that it was also spring break! We colored easter eggs on Friday night at about 10:00 p.m. I love this picture of Bret cooking the eggs, he was so tired and tried to talk the kids into waiting for the next day, but he just couldn't look at their faces and tell them no.

As soon as Bret saw me with the camera he woke up, looked happy and sucked it in...
Awe, isn't he handsome :)

Alec coloring eggs...

Dawson and Alec's friend Kelton

Easter morning Cade, Dawson and Alec. Aaron is asleep on the floor wrapped up in blanket, aparently 11:30 in morning is just too early to get up, even for candy. Good thing church doesn't start until 1:00.
I just love this picture of Dawson, the look on his face, the bunny's eyes eaten out . Just makes me laugh. Imagine the jingle from the movie The Christmas Story...only change a couple of words "he'll eat your eyes out, he'll eat your eyes out" poor bunny... ok, I need sleep.

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