A walk down memory lane....

This is where I got to spend my week! I was lucky enough to be the stake photographer for girls camp and I got to spend a week at beautiful Porcupine dam. I shot over 1700 pictures and loved every minute of my "girl" time.

But this lake does have sentimental value too. Not only is it one of my favorite lakes, this is also where Bret and I spent our second date all the way back in 1990. He packed a picnic, loaded the back of his truck with leftover 2x4's from the lumber yard he worked at and headed to the lake. Against my better judgement he drove right up to the edge of the lake and we "accidentally" got stuck. Hmmm... how convenient. :) We spent the next couple of hours talking about where we saw our lives going, little did we know then; we would go there together. After staying out much later than we should, we decided we better try and get out. I posted a couple of pictures of us trying to get out. Thank heavens we had all that lumber to help us get the truck out.

Here is a picture of Bret and the way we slid the lumber under the truck to try and give us some traction.

Here I am covered in mud, nevermind that I bought brand new black leather boots for the big date.
Spending the week up there thinking about that date we had that night made me think about our lives and our marriage and how it's been a lot like that date we had when we were young and naive. Our lives might not have gone as we had planned, we have gotten stuck many times along the way and we sometimes get tired and dirty, BUT we have created a lot of great memories
and it has been so worth it.



Two weeks ago we went up to Bear Lake for a Luau and despite the rain, we had a great time. I only wish it could have lasted longer, seems like we are always in a hurry these days. Below is a picture of the food, it might not look that great but mmm, mmm, mmm it was good. We had a restarant in town called Pounders cater it and it was delish. Kalua pork, teriyaki chicken, sticky rice, macaroni salad, fresh pineapple, coconut bread (made by Jill)

Here are the kids playing games, they did not want it to end.

Here are all the grandkids in order of height not necessarily in order of age. Yeah, I know, Alec is a shrimp.

Cory and Liz had a cook off to see who could make the best Guava cake. That's right you heard me, Liz did indeed want to be included in a cook off. It was intense and you could feel the tension in the air between this husband and wife. Who won? Hey, it's cake, they're all winners in my book. yay for cake.

Guy and Jill with Bella. Jill looks stunning in her mu mu. We actually had matching mu mu's but I didn't get in any pictures.

Baby stinkin cute!
Kayli and Aaron. Kayli loves my boys and my boys think she is about the cutest thing around. She knows how to work it already with the boys, she gets whatever she wants.

Aaron is such a carbohydrate addict. This is him shoving his face in a bag of cold rice and loving it. I have no idea where he came from... :)

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