One of my students that graduated a few years ago just recently returned from a mission in Argentina. We just love Tycen, he is such a great person and my boys really look up to him as an example. So last Sunday he came over and showed us how to make Nioquis, a little potato pasta, that they eat in Argentina every month on the 29th. He told us we would need "a lot" of potatoes so Bret peeled an entire 10 pound bag. We had so much pasta, it was really fun!

Tycen had no problem adjusting to non-missionary life, as displayed in this photo. How did he get so lucky to get so much help from two beautiful girls? Actually the one on the right is Michelle and they were really good friends in high school, she is married but her husband didn't get there until later. The girl on the left is Jessica and this is the one he is dating now.

You boil potatoes add, seasoning, cilantro, garlic butter and mash them. Then you dump it on the counter and everyone helps knead flour in until it becomes a dough. Tycen said the only way to do it is with the whole family. So everyone was kneading at the same time, it was really fun. We used sooo much flour and I didn't know if my kitchen would ever be the same, there was flour everywhere!

More kneading.....

Once you get enough flour in the potatoes you roll out the dough and cut into little squares.

Tycen is showing us how to flip them off a fork. Um, I think you are born with this talent some us didn't get it. Aaron was good. It was very time consuming.

Dawson and Jessica. yeah I know, we do own clothes for him.

Stacy and Brett stopped by for some fun and food.

Then you boil them in water and when they float to the top, they are done. We topped them with shredded pork and red sauce. Oh, yeah we also covered them in cheese. They were SO GOOD!

This picture give you a glimps of how my kitchen looked.It took us two hours to make the dish, but it was so worth it! Thanks so much Tycen, we love having you back!



I had the chance to go to California over Christmas break and do three photoshoots. It was a lot of fun and on the last day as we were going to the airport we drove through Hollywood and I got to snap a few pictures for FUN! It was nice to be able to just snap away at what I wanted. Here is a collage of some of the things I found interesting. The last picture is my favorite....scroll down to read why

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Generally when you think of hollywood, you think glamour, money and movie stars, but if you have ever been there, you look around and think, this is Hollywood? It is quite dirty and most people that live at lower income levels. That is why this is my favorite picture that I snapped from the car. I am calling it "The real faces of Hollywood" I love the fact that these everyday "real" people are standing in front of a wall of movie stars. Two totally different the same place.

The real faces of Hollywood



Ok, so I'm TRYING to be a couponer. Another teacher is helping me get into it and so I thought I would give it a try. Wow, it was actually fun! So after printing and printing and printing coupons, I headed to the store. I took Aaron with me because I figured two heads are better than one, right? Haha, shoulda left him home, enough said. After all was said and done I ended up getting 432.62 worth of groceries for 96.30! Wahoo! Ok, now some of you seasoned couponers might be saying, whatever, I can do better than that! But for a beginner I thought that was pretty good. Also try not to judge me too harshly on the food storage selections...who needs fifty pounds of wheat when you have fify pounds of fruit snacks. Any of you interested in 50 ways to incorporate fruit snacks into a delicious dinner, I can send you the link. ;)

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Cade...the writer

Cade is our nine year old and he LOVES to write. He is always making books or writing a story. And then spends time illustrating the books. He could spend hours engrossed in writing. His last story he spent typing on the computer. I hadn't really thought much of it until I sat down to use the computer and read his latest story, I really liked his latest. WARNING: this story has quite a, hmmm, shall we say morbid ending. So, if you only like happily ever after, don't read the work of Cade Lange. He usually writes stories about, dragons and hero's and magic and wizards. As of late he has been writing stories that took place in the old west. p.s. I didn't change any of the spelling, kept the integrity in tact.

Once upon a time there was a man named John.b.willim. He was the best hunter around. He could shoot A buck a mile away. Every one loved him. But one day wolves were eating every ones sheep. And the people said who ever kills 90 wolves gets 90000 dollars. So john went out and killed 900 wolves. And lots more but one day. He made a promise. That he would not kill another wolf again. Cause they made him a fortune. But one day, A lone white wolf came and killed every ones sheep. And john forgot about his promise. And he went out to the market and bout a sheep for bate and bout a chair. And went out in the woods. And tide the sheep up to the tree. And sat on his chair with his gun. But one day John went missing. So they went out looking for him. And they found him. Dead with his throat cut and the sheep untouched.

By. Cade Lange