Red Neck waterslide!

For the past ten years I have served in one relief society presidency or another, with only a 6 month stint in young women's before we moved to Nibley. As soon as we got to Nibley I was called back into relief society. Well about three weeks ago I was called back into young womans and it has really been fun. For one of YW activities we went to this man made waterslide. We had so much fun and Bret and boys decided they needed to be one of the young women. I feel really bad I didn't get any pictures of Cade and Alec, I thought I did! I think it looks like a fun place to have a family reunion...

It doesn't look that steep but once you got to the top it was pretty scary.

Dawson's face says it all...he was pretty scared. is a picture of the bagel, it has been requested often. He is actually quite proud of it, he's says the girls think it's cute. I'm not quite sure I believe it, but we'll let him live in his fantasy world. :)


Judy Lange headstone

For those of you that are not able to visit or have not had the chance to visit Judy's/mom's grave I thought I'd post a pic for all to see. I thought it turned out very nice. Thanks Jill for get'ner done!