True Love

Isn't this what life is all about? Sharing these little moments with the ones I love make it all worth it :) I love him so much I want to kiss his face off, at least that what I always tell him. Maybe that's why he's pulling all the faces. Love you Dawsy Doodle!

Also you may be wondering why I changed my blog to pink with sparkly diamonds. Well... that's because I can. I am the owner, author of this blog and I have not been outvoted by those male species that dominate my house and leave the seats on the toilet up and insist the channel be left on ESPN :)


Lynja said...

I love the pics. It is funny to me how much all the boys look alike but different at the same time.

Jeff, Wendy, and Austin said...

I think he gets cuter every day. I could kiss his face off too. I like the pink...hmmm don't see it much at my house either.