All I can say is...."Wahoo!!!"

I'M GETTING GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Some really sexy guy came over to drive the tractor, so I thought I better take some pictures.

The view from our back porch. I love it, but it will be even better when there is green instead of dirt.
Bret tried to act like it was work, but what guy wouldn't want to play tonka trucks for real?


lizard_ann said...

Yeah, Bret really looks like he's suffering. are a mean wife, making him work like that ;) I'm happy for you, friend!

michaelangelo said...

Sheesh, if I had known tractors would be involved I would have volunteered to come out to help as well. Dang! Well, I guess we can help break in the lawn sometime next year if all goes well. Congratulations!

Jill Stones said...

Yeah Bret's job looked hard but yours seemed even harder:) Ha We are the backbone, there for incouragement, anger managment, and last but not least...we are there to look good! (then they finish faster;)

Jeff, Wendy, and Austin said...

whens the bbq? I wanna play with the tractor. Why do they get all the fun? I can break things too. ha ha

Lynja said...

yea haa:) grass, soon you will be able to clean out the window sills and they will stay clean:)